Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Hello Lovely Blippers,

When I heard Mrs. HCB say that she was going out shopping to Morrisons early this  morning, I jumped into her bag so quickly, you would have been proud of me!

Mr. HCB insisted on coming, because he said he didn’t want Mrs. HCB to carry too much because of her hand - I know it was still a bit sore, so I thought that was a good idea, but don’t think Mrs. HCB was that pleased - I think she wanted to go and have a wander round on her own - but it was kind of Mr. HCB to offer, so off they went, with me inside her shopping bag!

Of course, everything looked very Christmassy at Morrisons and the first thing I spotted was lots of nuts - these days, you can buy nuts already shelled, but you can’t beat cracking open a walnut, so I hope Mrs. HCB will be buying some of these.  I jumped out of her bag and onto the nuts, and by then, she was happy to take my photograph - well, I think she was anxious to get a good shot for Silly Saturday.

Then of course, there are all the large boxes of chocolates, and who can resist a Hero?  However, I was disappointed to note that the HCBs didn’t put one of these boxes in their trolley - what are they thinking of?  I know Mrs. HCB has lost a lot of weight, but I know her of old and I cannot believe that she will go the whole of the Christmas period without having a few chocolates.  Believe me, I know I’m right about this, so watch this space!

There were lots of other goodies so I enjoyed wandering around and making a note of what the HCBs might be buying in the next week or two.  However, I do know that they won't be buying lots of alcohol, because they don’t drink that much - at least, Mrs. HCB doesn’t, but I have heard that Mr. HCB is partial to a wee drop of red wine!

When we got to the check-out, we were served by the lovely Penny - and when Mrs. HCB told her about Blip, and asked if she would mind having her photograph taken with me, she asked if I would like to help with the scanning!  How exciting is that?  So you can see me with Penny, in her wonderful bright red Christmas jumper, smiling broadly, and me scanning some Brussel sprouts - who doesn’t like them?  I know Mrs. HCB loves them and as she's had a soup maker as an early Christmas present from her Mum, these may well end up being made into soup.  I've also put a couple of extras in because I had so much fun.  

I know that you are all enjoying hearing what's behind each door of Mr. and Mrs. HCB’s Advent Calendar, so behind Door 7 it says that they have helped the "Groundswell Out of Homelessness" charity and it says, “Today you have enabled a volunteer to accompany a homeless person to their healthcare appointment, so they don’t feel alone.”  How lovely to know that, especially at Christmas when so many people, particularly those who are homeless, feel lonely.

With love to you all,

JH Ted xx 

The purpose of life 
     is not to be happy. 
It is to be useful, 
     to be honourable, 
          to be compassionate, 
to have it make some difference 
     that you have lived 
          and lived well.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

P.S.  Mrs. HCB has asked me to tell you that she was overwhelmed with all the lovely messages on yesterday’s Blip - for once in her life, she was sensible and did as she was told, so her hand is much better today - although she won’t be doing much commenting because she is still not typing and is going to a Christmas Concert tonight with Mr. HCB. 

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