Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Snow to the west

A big improvement in the weather today and we set out early to walk in the cold, clear air. Here's the view towards Ben Ledi with a dusting of snow. The big house you can see is about five miles away. Blair Drummond House, now a Camphill Community, is built in the Scots baronial style and dates, I think, from the 1870s. I've been inside Blair Drummond House several times and it is full of twiddly bits and such like accoutrements. You can just see evidence of the wet weekend in the lower left - flooding in the fields.

This afternoon I have two community council meetings. As I blip Cameraman is demolishing one of the brick piers which hold up the old stone wall round the back garden. Flora has finally managed to use it as a scrambling point to climb over the wall. She's been brought back in disgrace from next door after massacring one of their footballs. We'll need to do something to strengthen the wall again but for now the main thing is containing the dog.

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