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By Sallymair


I had a day with Isobel today as mum needed to sleep as she is on nights. First we went to Song Circle, in Stockbridge, then it was off to swimming. Isobel had been swimming every since her vaccination predictable was complete. Today's lesson was in a small private pool just outside the bypass. She puts such a lot of energy and enthusiasm into it and has great confidence in the water. From swimming we went to IKEA for meatballs which she had chosen in advance. This picture was taken just after we got home, she conked out in the car and I had to carry her in. It's not the sharpest, but I think she's looks like one of those wistful girl pictures which are everywhere just now. She's so tired!
The weather was foul today — storm Brendan apparently, had resulted in road closures, building damage and around the town, lots of bins blowing across the road, tipping over and then the recycling waste blowing around the streets. Luckily Eilidh spotted that one of her pictures must have blown out of the house and onto the road and was able to rescue it.... Amazing how it blew out, it wouldn't have gone out with the recycling would it ????
Her nativity play went well apparently, mum took some pictures for me. She's a third generation Mary!
I was tired too after our day and had a nap as soon as I got home!

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