Hydangea in Winter

Unknown to me, TT had gone out for a run at the crack of dawn.  BB and I were still asleep when he returned.  BB should have been ready for his return to rugby.  He did get ready quite quickly and they headed off to rugby.  BB was very anxious about going back.  While he has been desperate to get back since his accident, just in the last couple of days he has realised what it means to go back to playing, and the memory of his last game is not good.  He did the pre-match training session and started well, getting a try almost as soon as the game started, but his confidence went and he was cold, so he sat out for a while.  He went back on in the second half and really got stuck in and almost got another try, but following some acrobatics on the field, he hurt his “broken” arm and he came off and didn’t go back on.  His arm was really sore, and has been really sore since, but we hope it is just a bash and nothing serious.

Once the mud was washed off, he spent the afternoon feeling very sorry for himself.  TT and I went out to search for a Christmas tree, but BB didn’t want to join us.  Later TT and I did some shopping, but BB stayed at home.  He was a bit happier by the evening, but went to bed wearing his arm support.

TT and I watched some Spiral, but both of us were falling asleep.  It’s hard work reading sub titles when you are tired.

Not may blips today, but I liked this hydrangea.

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