I Witness

By KangaZu

Tiny Tuesday ....

.... Twinkling

We awoke to the twinkling world of freezing rain this morning.  Everything was coated with a fine layer of ice. 

Thankfully the temps rose enough that the roads were not icy so R made it to work okay. It was only raining when I got up an hour later. 

I was afraid that all the ice would melt in the rain before I was able to get out and capture this wonderful icy world.  But as I type this up it's mid afternoon and there is still lots of ice on the trees and other surfaces. 

I guess I didn't have to go out early and get soaking wet for my blip! But I think it was worth the effort.  Even though the ice is twinkling enough I added an extra sparkle with a Topaz Star effect.  BTW: This is no bigger than a half inch long. 

Speaking of extras .... I have added an extra of a squirrel just hanging around eating from our corn feeder this morning!  Too cute!

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