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By walkingMarj

Another Christmas tree

This one is in The Crown, our local pub.

I was up at 0630 and working hard on my last Christmas cards. Once the day kicked off it was hectic. I also wanted to finish packing all the presents so I could clear the dining table and let Annette do a thorough clean before I put food in there. (It wasn’t very dirty, but you get the drift.) She was running ahead of schedule so I had to pick up the pace. Then Mum’s hairdresser arrived early but was happy to wait while I did the hair washing.

Amy came with Annette. I can’t believe she will be 18 tomorrow. She is at a sports’ college and wants to do a Sports Science degree next year. It was such a delight to see her and she is clearly besotted with her baby brother, who I blipped recently.

Then Liesbeth came to see us.

I walked to the pub to see the manager who so kindly changed a wheel for Julie yesterday morning. Julie sent him a tip, but he was determined not to take it. What to him seemed a small thing to do was the solution to an otherwise difficult problem.

We had a leaky tap in the new kitchen this morning. A cuff that holds the tap in place was loose and the screw would not work. I was unsure if it screwed clockwise or anticlockwise and eventually “phoned a friend” in the form of cousin Eric’s son, Bruce, who is a plumber. Between texting and receiving the reply, I gave the tap a jiggle and a push and then managed to turn the thread. Phew!

You nearly had a blip of. A leaky tap.....!

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