Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Four - Love

Yes! I dared to go to badminton club! I'm going to have to brush up on scoring though and get back on the tennis Wii Fit to get me back in the way of games.

A friend introduced me to her badminton group one morning in a cafe and I've had coffee with them a couple of times. My friend is away at the moment but, even so, I dared to go. I haven't played badminton since I was at school apart from a little bit when The Daughters were young.

I played in the days when shuttlecocks were white, so were trainers. I've hidden the lurid coloured blip in Extras. Now I wish I's bought a feather shuttlecock for the photo! 

Over 10,000 steps today. Gosh! I could get to love this!

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