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By clickychick

Wrapping It Up

I think I've got everything wrapped up now! I really love making a good job of it. As I'm wrapping gifts I'm imagining I'm making a YouTube video showing people how to do it nicely! Daft or what?

As well as Christmas, our small family has 4 birthdays in 4 weeks at this time of year (6 if both our mums were still alive!)

This year I was supposed to be using up old paper and not buying any new. We were discussing with The Daughters using plain brown paper, which i do have. Anyhow, there was no time to do anything imaginative with brown paper and I did need some new large sheets for The Grandchildren's things.

I made a point of reading all the labels and found 3 among the array in WH Smiths that were badged with the recycling symbol for the paper as well as the tube. We made a difference back in the 80s in getting tartrazine out of drinks so maybe we should all be happy to make a change to the amount of Christmas landfill we cause! 

I got a good chance to tidy up my wrapping paper drawer during the week and now I'm glad to have all this lot cleared off the dining table.

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