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By ValleyAllBlack

#PositiveAdvent Day 22 - Gobannium

If yesterday was quiet, today was the opposite, flat out busy.  Lol!

A trip to Abergavenny first, to meet up with my friends Anne and Richard to have a Christmas dinner.  It was an excellent meal (see more below).

And then it was down to Cardiff to see the Devils, a bit of a struggle but we ground out a win.  So, it gives us a 4-point weekend, we’re on a bit of a roll at this important time of the year.

So, on Day 22 of Positive Advent I’m thankful for:

1.  A good night’s sleep
2.  A nice lie in
3.  Cold butter on warm toast
4.  For having a genius idea, and potentially resolving a work problem
5.  For free parking on a Sunday
6.  For discovering more about Abergavenny, through their museum.  Like its Roman name was Gobannium, although that might have been the fort
7.  For discovering a nifty little setting on my phone, that enhances photos
8.  For excellent customer service at the Angel Hotel
9.  For an amazing starter of lemon sole goujons and a superb curry mayonnaise
10.  For a delicious main of pork loin, with crispy, fluffy roast potatoes, and amazing delicious and very naughty, crispy crackling
11.  For seeing Father Christmas tour Abergavenny in his horse drawn carriage
12.  For the friendship of Anne and Richard, oh and of course their dog, Xen
13.  For unexpected quality time with my mum
14.  For possible plans to a foreign country with ice hockey ;)
15.  For an unexpected Christmas card, but most welcome
16.  For the friendship of my Devils family, Gaynor, Peter, Mike, Sharon, Debbie, Dave etc
17.  For a Cardiff Devils win, when it seemed like it might be a frustrating night
18.  For a 4-point weekend for the Devils
19.  For my lovely transplant nurse Sharon, who is also a big Devils fan
20.  For a nice warm cup of tea and some hot buttered toast upon coming home
21.  For chilling with a good book at the end of the night
22.  Going to sleep after a contented weekend

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