The sunrise was another astonishing one this morning when it looked like the sky was on fire.  I went out onto the balcony for self minutes taking quite a few photos and discovered that somehow my Lumix camera (the one closest to hand) had moved itself to manual focus.  No wonder my photos from this camera have been somewhat blurred over the last couple of days!!!!!  I really must get used to this camera, I'm just so much for comfortable with Nikon D330 simply because I've learnt how to use it BUT the downside is having to change the lenses of course and this morning there wasn't really time before the sunrise disappeared.

This sunrise made it sound like a promising day, so we decided we would head for Grasmere.  However by the time we came it leave it was very grey and a little drizzly so ended up going to Stollers in Barrow to look at some sofas and chairs, ready for the redecorating next year, especially.

My only other photos for today are somewhat boring due to the greyness but I've put a couple in extras anyway.
We found one that we both liked but not too sure about the chair.  So have come away to think about it.  May look at other furniture shops but I like Stollers and am not too keen on DFS or Harveys.  Still no hurry as we need to get the doors and windows replaced first!!!!

The good thing about Stollers is it has a lovely cafe so we could have a drink.  

We then drove through Barrow and onto the Coast Road to go the Fisherman's Arms for lunch.

It was a fabulous lunch and they do small portions which is just enough at lunch time.

Then back home.  Another 4.5 hours out.  Now to work ot where to take Mum tomorrow whilst Hubby does the food shopping!!!

Thank you for continuing to drop by and leaving me such lovely comments stars etc, they really are very much appreciated.  Take care all, stay safe and see you all tomorrowl

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