Back to a morning run today.  It was slightly cooler, but still hard work.  The hills aren’t getting any easier.  We had no plan for today, so TT consulted the National Trust guide and chose Compton Castle., so we set off with a picnic.  It is still someone’s house and not very NT-ish.  We were given a talk about the castle by a chap in costume.  He addressed many questions to poor BB – who took it all in good humour.  After a look around, we had our picnic in the lovely garden (extra), before heading to Brixham – which had been mentioned a few times in the talk.  We had a wander around, but didn’t pay to go on the replica of the Golden Hind. 

After a pleasant wander, we headed home and TT decided to cook a curry. I left him to it and walked to the beach, where I watched a group of runners, head up the cliff path.  Rather them than me.

Brixham has lots of coloured houses, which look like a patchwork quilt.


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