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By ValleyAllBlack

Closing the Door on 2019 and the Decade

Well this is it, the end of another year and this time the decade as well.

Fair to say that 2019 was a life changing year for me, from being kept alive on dialysis, not capable of doing much to my kidney transplant and getting my life back, and climbing mountains and cycling again.

Oh yes 19th February was a remarkable day, made even more remarkable by the selfless act by my donor Geoff, who donated one of his kidneys to me, knowing the risks he was putting himself through as well.  He is a hero, even though he will probably hate me for saying that, but that's the type of good guy he is.

As for the decade, that was pretty life changing as well, I joined Twitter and Blipfoto, which opened a whole new world to me.  I decided to grasp life and do something with it, achieved lots, climbed to new heights, changed my job and company, made lots of new friends, had many adventures, lost people I love, got told I was dying, and then of course, as mentioned above, got the gift of life again.  A pretty eventful decade.

So today I am thankful for the following from the decade:

1.  Joining Twitter and Blipfoto, that allowed me to make many new friends, the majority still with me.
2.  For the people who believed in me, when I doubted myself
3.  For finding the love of walking and cycling again
4.  For the many adventures which have filled up my memory back significantly
5.  For the support of my mum and dad, without them I'd be nothing

And so on to 2020, a chance to create many new memories, a chance to grasp life again.

Have a Happy New Year wherever you may be, I'll be tucked up in bed.  Lol!

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