A day in the life

By Shelling


The old Ash guarding the entrance to the back of my house is firmly rooted  in the soil (I think/hope). The Ashes around here has a disease in the roots that gradually kills them and finally they just fall over. I haven't seen any signs in this tree and it looks very healthy. The tree is very old and its thick foot is covered in moss, which I find very beautiful. Moss has perfect conditions at the moment in high air humidity and mild weather. If it can keep its health it surely outlives me. Good health to you.

I've been working as 'audience host' today in Kalmar theatre. For the next month and a half the Kalmar revy owns the stage. A revy is a kind of varieté with song, dance, music and a lot of short sketches, often about lokal politics, giving an overview of the last year. The extra shows the entrance where the two revy-hosts bid the audience welcome.

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