a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Tumpety Tump

I've always called this the round hill, and I've lived within site of it for about 52 years (with some years off when I was at university). But there are some locals who refer to it as "the Tump".  ... and indeed the dictionary definition of a "tump" is a both a small rounded hill or mound and a clump of trees, shrubs, or grass.

This is the best landscape shot I can manage today, as I've been stuck at home all day.  Initially because the decorations needed to come down and be put away, and then later on because I had to wait for a delivery to arrive.  We always take down the decorations slightly before the technical end of the Christmas period, because it is Cathy's birthday tomorrow.  Normally I would have baked a cake but this year Cathy has decided that her birthday is to be a cake free zone, to assist with the post Christmas remediation process.  I am not sure that this is strictly necessary on any sort of medical grounds and it does seem a little on the miserable side, not least because I rather like cake and enjoy the days following the birthday as we get to eat it up.  However, she who must be obeyed etc etc :-)

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