… you know what that means - “Girls About Town”!  We were just three for the first hour, Jo, the presenter, Angela and me - two other “girls”.  We talked about lots of different and interesting things,  and there was a lot of laughter especially when Karen, who had recently been to Australia, brought in some “Furry Friends” chocolate bars for us to share.  I won’t tell you who had two bars - you'll have to listen to the Podcast if you want to know - but it wasn’t me!

Then in the second hour we had a young lady called Charlotte Manser, who is a Ceramicist and has just set up her own business.  Many years ago, she would have been called a Potter, but Ceramicist sounds much better and as she is going to exhibit at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in July, we decided that the “posher” title sounded much better.  

Charlotte told us that she had originally planned to do American Studies at University, but then deferred her place, took a year out and during that time decided that she enjoyed doing ceramics.  Getting a Pottery degree at Cardiff university followed and then she taught for two years in a private school in Somerset.  However, she then thought it would be a good idea to open her own business and launched it a few months ago.  She now has a small studio at "Artsite", an organisation that set out to develop affordable studio space for people just like Charlotte, who were just setting up in their own business, and also to support the visual and creative arts in Swindon. 

If everyone at the Artsite complex is as passionate as Charlotte about the work they do, it must be a wonderful starting point for young artists and crafts people in our town.  Not only does she enjoy making various things, but she also holds workshops, so I might even go along and try my hand at “throwing” a pot!

Charlotte told us she likes colour and tactile clay and makes anything from larger sculptures to small dishes and pottery mugs and is inspired by the beach and nature.  She has booked to go to many shows over the coming months, sells her products in a shop in the Old Town area of Swindon, and on Etsy, and also has a Facebook page and website, so do please have a look.  However, as she told us, it’s quite difficult doing all the arranging and also making enough sculptures and various items for all the shows - but I’m sure she will do it. You will recognise Jo, Angela and me from previous "Girls About Town" photographs, so it’s not hard to guess which one is Charlotte in our weekly selfie.

We can never believe how two hours of our radio show goes by so quickly - but perhaps that has something to do with all the chatting we do - interspersed with music, of course. This quote definitely applied to Charlotte - such an enthusiastic young lady, who deserves to succeed.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, 
     and the only way to be truly satisfied 
          is to do what you believe is great work, 
               and the only way to do great work
                    is to love what you do.”  
Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Apple

P.S.  Thank you for all your lovely comments for yesterday's Blip - I'm sure you understood when I didn't comment much.  

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