Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Last or first?

This morning seemed quite promising in the weather department; the wind had dropped considerably and between showers there were bright patches and even a little sun. But I had a sermon to write, and I was being stern with myself; I don't think so well in the afternoon. At least I kept the day on track, with lunch at lunchtime, but it had turned pretty gloomy by the time we were ready to go out.

We went, however, and found a dry spell in Benmore Gardens, which is where I spotted this rhododendron. I wondered idly if it was left over from last Autumn's flowering, but I don't recall seeing it last time I was there. It seems to be an insanely early flowering; certainly the first I've seen of 2020 - but as we've had only a week or so of cold weather at the beginning of December I'm not really surprised.

And now we're once more draping our bedroom furniture in plastic sheeting as the decorator is coming at the crack of doom dawn and assures us that There Will Be Dust. Fingers crossed he can bash on and complete the job by the close of play on Friday - I would really like to get back to my own bed!

Finally, thank you to all the kind people who've been sprinkling stars the past wee while: all much appreciated.

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