Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Silly Squirrels

A gloriously warm day which meant I spent some time outdoors with just a sweater (and shorts!) on!  Not as many birds around today, other than the turkeys who were hanging out up in the woods.  On the other hand, there were squirrels galore, and they were into every thing.  They are nothing if not persistent.  This one was stretched between our deck rail and a feeder I have hanging off the deck, just holding on my his hairy little toes.  Photo is full frame, uncropped.  

I went to the gym again today and did 3/4 mile at a 3MPH pace; followed by weights and stretching.  Back at home, I did all my foot stretches and moves, followed by an Epsom soak.  Then some housework, photos, and goofing off.  Hubs has been working around the property cleaning up some of the downed trees with his new chain saw.  We've got a start on firewood for next season.

My critter cam last night captured our fat opossum as well as the lame deer, both after sunflower seeds.  The deer was back around around sunset this evening, eating cracked corn.  I feel bad for the deer, although she seems to be getting around okay, just holding her front right foot up slightly.  

We watched The Irishman last night and, even though it is very long, we were riveted.  Wonderful acting and interesting story - I recommend it.

Thanks to Admirer for hosting Silly Saturday!


PS:  Another Silly Squirrel in Extra, coming in from the clothesline where I keep some feeders hung out of bear-reach.  Notice the innocent "who, me?" look...

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