Done it again.

Well, I did yesterday, another 1/2 price, a Cymbidium this time - BUT - I kept it for today in case I/we saw anything blipable at today's Orchid day.
We'd not normally go two days on the trot, but today's second session was billed as hardy outdoor European Orchids by Jeff Hutchings of "Laneside hardy Orchids". Very interesting but not anywhere like as picturesque; there being not a single flower to ogle; NOT that we expected any.
IF I ever pay full price for an orchid again (I did once) it may well be the extra; very unprepossessing, but highly scented, as Orchids go.
Just so I remember it - Dendrochilum glucaceum.
I did a shot of one yesterday and, on putting up for minipulation, thought "I don't remember two rows of flowers that close." Today I can see why I thought that.

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