By ArcLight


This is one of a couple of relatively new food outlets on Leith Walk. It's right next to Sweetland Café, which can be seen on the right. A #leithwalkshop is a good option for so-called Blue Monday. Easy to snap and doesn't require any particular thought.

In fact, I haven't had a blue day at all. I had a bit of a blue night last night, in that I probably went to bed too early and consequently spent too much of the night awake. I got a bit annoyed with myself during the night, thinking that I need to do something to make my evenings a bit more meaningful. Iplayer hasn't been working on our TV for months, so that was something we felt we needed to try and fix today. No such luck. I followed the instructions we'd been given by Samsung Support and they didn't work. Mr A wants us to buy a new TV. I keep hoping there might be a fix. Basically, there's nothing wrong with the TV, but since we pretty much exclusively watch our TV via catch up, if the app store isn't offering catch up TV, then it's useless... It's annoying. The other thing I can definitely fill my evenings with, which is constructive, is making a photo book of L and L's wedding. I made a modest start this evening, and at least got a handle on what the job entails. I've got set up on the IMAC, which is infinitely preferable to using my laptop. There's also admin to be done for an event that Mr A and I (plus others who haven't yet outed themselves so I won't) are planning for later this year. So plenty to keep me busy now I feel I've got over the stupid mini jetlag that flying to and back from Finland generates. But the fact that it was the night before Blue Monday perhaps explains some of why I was feeling a bit out of sorts in the second part of the day yesterday, and overnight.

My daytime today was also not blue - a great spinning class this morning, indicating that levels are perhaps at around 80 per cent of where they were  at the beginning of October, constructive progress with my editing job, and a nice catch up with CB, whom I haven't seen properly in ages.

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