By hazelh

Watching them, watching out for him

I had a good guess at the reason for this mob of photographers and cameramen (people?) outside the High Court on the Royal Mile this morning. As I suspected, they were lying in wait for Alex Salmond, the former First Minister of Scotland. No doubt they will all be back on 9th March for the start of Salmond's trial. I had intended just to take a shot of the line-up, but I'm tickled that one of my prey did the service of turning round to check me out.

My day on campus was very, very busy and - although I only stopped for about 20 minutes at lunchtime to eat my sandwiches - I don't feel like I achieved very much, other than to add to my task list. I'll have to be at my desk before dawn tomorrow if I am to get through everything by the end of my three days of (supposed part-time) work this week.

Exercise today: walking (13,300 steps).

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