An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Mrs That'll be that then...

I had a very special blip planned for today but we ended up having an impromptu visit from friends Anna and Eddie who we haven't seen for ages and Alan's delight at seeing Anna just had to be my blip.

We first met Anna when Alan was only 7 months old and began attending the Craighalbert Centre.  She was Head of Nursery Two (as it was known then.)  She was one of an amazing team at the Centre who carried David and I at the most vulnerable moment of our lives and helped us see how wonderful a future Alan and we could have.

When David and I both ended up working with at the Centre, Anna became a colleague and a friend.  

We are all retired now so don't see each other so often so when it turned out that she and her husband Eddie were going to be in our little town this morning, we hastily arranged for them to pop in for coffee.

It was so lovely to see them both.  

Alan was still in bed when they arrived but when he found out they were here he refused to have a shower and wanted up and dressed as quickly as possible so he could see Anna.  

Alan was six when he left the Centre and although he's seen Anna a good few time in the intervening years, it's clear to see the impact she had on him in his early years and how much she means to him.  It's a joy to behold.  He adores her.  I still remember the joy on his face when Anna and Eddie came and stayed with us during our holiday in France in 2008.  They were on holiday in France at the same time and drove quite a distance to come and spend time with us.   Alan was overjoyed.  Bit of a mutual admiration society between him and Anna.

Anna's famous catch phrase is that'll be that then (said in a very sardonic tone :-))  It's still used frequently in our house and Alan laughs every time he hears it :-))  In fact he knows Anna better by the name Mrs That'll-be-that-then, than by Anna! :-))

Not long after Anna and Eddie left, the bathroom guys appeared and I can't quite believe I am saying this I am delighted to report that almost two months down the line, we now have a working shower again!!!! 

Fan-bloody-tastic!!!!  :-)))

There's a couple of small things they need to come back to finish, as well as fit the new radiator (we've chosen another style as the one we originally picked was a 12 week delivery!)  They will do the small stuff next week then return to fit the new radiator in three weeks.   So it's almost there.  

It's almost enough to take my mind off what's happening at 11pm tonight...almost but not quite.


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