For sale

I pass this shop - Glendale Paints - several times a week, on the way to and from the Cheviot Centre. Stopped for a quick Blip on the way back from Tai Chi this afternoon.

Once there were branches in Kelso, Berwick and Alnwick, but this is the only one left as the elderly owner is looking to retire. And, sadly, it's up for sale. MrM and I - and, probably, most people in the locality - are hoping that it's bought by someone who wants to continue running it as a hardware shop. For, despite its name, it sells all sorts of useful items as well as paint. Nails, screws, small tools - just about anything you may need for DIY - electrical items, houseware, ironmongery, the list is endless. It's like Alladin's cave! We frequent it on a regular basis, and we're not the only ones - the nearest large DIY store is about 20 miles away, and sometimes it's good to pop into a local shop, and pass the time of day with the assistant while deciding what to buy.

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