By HeidiHH


What a difference a day can bring! Yesterday we were enjoying full on summer, and today we got the winter back with cloudy bonus.

I've been playing with epoxy. I've been ...hmmmm.... what have I done? No idea. I did a short walk. Been to the groceries. Made lunch. Walked with dogs. Saw Jennifer. Mostly I've just been wasting my day away.

Tomorrow my husband has his first ever surgery. In local anesthesia. Never the less it's nearly 41 years without any surgery. I think that's a good run. And hopefully he won't need another for a long time. I've had too many. Enough for the both of us.

It's at 10 am tomorrow. Quite exciting. I need to remember to bring a book with me for the waiting area. It will be at least 40 minutes under the knife. His lipoma is quite big. Bigger than a tennis ball. So I'm bit worried because it's so big. But glad it's finally coming off. Same doctor who took my cyst away 2 weeks ago, so he's practiced.

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