By schorschi

One of my favourites

I got a warning a few days ago that this journal entry will be my 3,285th or 9th anniversary. Now those who have the misfortune to have followed me over the years will know it is not true as there were several large gaps in the early years and that the 9 years include some very old backblips, including this one on the very first day of existence.

My first Blip was on 21st February 2011, introduced to the site by long time ex-colleague and friend Nogbad. We are due to see each other later this year for a bit more than just a Blip Meeting.

As I have been in the sin bin for many months due to my appalling lack of Blip participation, I will continue to keep comments switched off. Grieves me to think anyone may be forced to say something kind when they get a notification from Blip of my anniversary.

However, for all my sinning, I still cherish the community & everything it has given to me over the last nine years. It is unique. I wish some countries were populated only by Blipers & ruled by the wonderful team at BlipHQ who so selflessly keep us on the right track & give us the infrastructure to allow us to exist. Thank you all.

Finally, this evening's walk was again in the last of the wonderful sunshine that has been soaking us today and a scene I have often used in the past. The mill stream tributary of the West Günz river leading to the old 16thC mill which belonged to the Ottobeuren monastry. The mill is used as a house by charming people but I suspect must be a horror to keep the substance in reasonable shape.

Right at the point I took the photo on a 3-way crossing, Luna & I were joined by two other dog walkers, again like yesterday from different directions. I was thrilled that Luna for the first time in years didn't do her normal growling and teeth flashing. Very positive.

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