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By walkingMarj

My unbirthday present

My lovely friends Debbie and David in Southampton decided to send me an unbirthday bouquet. I knew they were going to do this sometime during the year, but had no idea when. It was a lovely surprise when the flowers arrived this morning.

I have positioned them in front of one of my embroideries that includes irises because there are irises in the bouquet. The freesias smell wonderful.

I thought the storm had passed, but we had heavy hail this morning. The cats went out briefly (very briefly) and then stayed in for the rest of the morning.

There were several phone calls to be made. I ironed while Women's Hour was on. Mum had a nasty nose bleed but didn't tell me until she was 40 minutes in. We managed to stop it eventually.

Margret called with a pocket guidebook of Prague complete with a map. I am well prepared.

Jane arrived at lunchtime for a chat with Mum. Then I prepared her lunch. She had just finished when Maureen came. We haven't seen her for a few months. She may come and do some caring for us later in the year.

I nearly forgot that Wesley, the plumber, came and fixed the leaking radiator and the door of the shower. He is a find.

Next Tuesday I have a date in Prague with one of Max and Tim's friends, Petr. We are meeting on the platform of a metro and he tells me I will know him because he will be the most handsome men on the platform. Watch this space!! He is a teacher in Prague and we will go to a local restaurant so I can sample real local food instead of tourist food.

Oscar allowed me to lift him onto my knee and straight off again without any struggle. Progress continues.

We watched the quizzes and I was pleased to know a few answers in Uni Challenge. Go Durham, go!

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