Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


It was a beautiful sunny morning so as I needed to take something back to Marks & Spencers, Mr. HCB offered me  a lift into town. On the way the heavens opened and the rain was lashing down, but undeterred I decided to carry on rather than go straight back home with him.

The Brunel Centre, as our town centre is called, is like a wind tunnel, and I well remember Mr. HCB’s mother being almost blown over many years ago, so I was very careful. 

Of course, I got some very strange looks not only for standing out in the rain but also, I'm sure, for taking photographs.   Like many people who see someone looking up, many of those walking past also looked up and this was what they saw - but their view was in colour rather than mono!  A good view of the David Murray John Building, a high-rise 21 storey tower in the middle of our town centre and, in fact, the tallest building in Swindon at 83 metres.

Whilst wandering along and looking up, one of the people who gave me a strange look, turned and said "Hello" and I realised it was Melvin, a cousin of mine whom I hadn't seen for many years.  Of course, I explained about Blip so that he would realise I wasn't completely "off my trolley" when he said he thought I had been waiting to go on the trampolines that are in the shopping precinct ready for half term!  He offered to go on one for me so that I could take a photograph, but then it started raining hard again, so we dismissed that idea and just stood chatting - much more sensible at our age, although he is a year younger than me so probably would have enjoyed it!

I'm now back home in the warmth and comfort of home, and now the sun has come out again, it is very warm in our conservatory, where we have enjoyed more home-made soup and fresh rye sourdough bread.  I made courgette and apple soup last night so when our lovely neighbour, Lynn, brought over some of her pepper and chilli soup for us to try, we did a swap. Hers is very tasty and hot whereas mine is a little bland - so I added some garlic and ginger to liven it up. 

Even as I type, the sky has darkened yet again and the rain is now hammering down but at least we haven't been flooded, as many have - and our hearts go out to them.

“Look up,
     get up, and
          don’t ever give up!”
Michael Irvin 

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