By Teasel

Snowdrop Carpet

A bright and blowy day – perfect to get my washing dry, though it did have to be well pegged.  I dropped BB at football – his first game since September, when he broke his arm  He was anxious, but headed off for the pre-match training.  I went for a  walk.  While the wind was behind me it was quite pleasant, and didn’t feel too cold.  Walking into the wind was a different matter!  I got back to the football as the second half started and joined TT.  Thirty seconds later and BB scored a goal.  His team won, he played the whole match and he scored a goal.  He was a happy lad, and it has done his confidence no end of good.  He was chatting about next week’s game on the way home.

Later TT and I went for a walk at Smeaton to see the snowdrops.  BB didn’t join us, as he declared that his legs needed a rest.  We then headed to the tea room to warm up and bumped into a  couple of friends. We four were the last ones in, and had to be thrown out!

It was then home via the supermarket and I was on tea.
later BB and I watched the second episode of The pale Horse and weren’t sure we really understood the ending.

A carpet of snowdrops at Smeaton.

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