An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Cuddles and clippers...


Woke up feeling much brighter.  Well much brighter till I tried my first bite to eat.  Oh dear.  Bug still present!  Nil by mouth thereafter.  Felt brighter as the day wore on, mainly because I avoided food.

David also felt a bit better and able to eat.  

Other than the we had a lazy day.  The gas board electricians were here fixing the under floor cable problem so we now have ceiling lights working again in the downstairs hall and wc.  Yay!  Although I had grown fond of the little Loo roll light :-))

Carole popped in at tea time to clip Lola, who was beside herself to see her first human mummy.  Carole hadn't brought her grooming table but Lola behaved very well being clipped standing on the floor and looked gorgeous afterwards.

Another lazy evening, which was just as we both needed.

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