By IainatCreel

Extraordinary General Meeting

Before the formal business began Davey was thanked for continuing to provide such high quality tea bags. He responded that he was also appreciative that after every meeting Mrs Baikie Snr ensured they were handed back to him so he could put them in his compost.

Mrs Stockan asked under Item No 4 if the committee had ever considered whether Wittgenstein had really been present at the conference in Vienna organised by mathematician L. E. J. Brouwer. If so was this a driver of his revisiting philosophy? This confused the Chair as item No 4 dealt with Lost Property.

Through the chair Mrs Miller called for order. No-one realised she had ventriloqual skills

Mrs Sutherland asked for Item 17b to be removed from the agenda. This was easily accomplished on an 8 Item Agenda.

Mrs McKay wondered how long the archeological dig in Dundas street (being led by Prof. Heddle) would last.

Mr Petrie asked whether the folk involved in the search for the U-boat sunk off north-west Orkney would be forming a Sub Committee.

Mrs McKay then reported that Mrs McLeod is still having it off with the coalman; it was then realised this was not part of the formal business although she asked for it still to be minuted. Mrs McKay said 'I wish he wur here cheust noo, he wid git a geud luggit fae me.'

It was noted Ms Dundas didn't have any comments to make but that she had eaten a whole packet of chocolate bourbons.

The Beedle arrived after 18 minutes, didn't contribute for 5 minutes, then realised he was in the wrong meeting.

Mr Foubister asked if the outing to Port Appin would go ahead in the autumn. Everyone looked puzzled and it was concluded that this must have been Mr Bell's idea (apparently away for his treatment).

There was no winner in the raffle for the Fairisle cat suit donated by Desdemona Stanger. There was no further update about first aid support required in this Summer's Floodlit Nude Bible Reading to be held on Rysa Little.

The Chair requested that Mrs Riddle should sit down. She replied that she was sitting down.

No-one could fathom Mr Rendall's interjection during prayer time when he became very agitated about the Chiswick gyratory system.

There being no further business Mrs Baikie Snr gently squeezed Davey's bags before it turned into a lock-in.

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