Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Farm Fresh Flat Lay

I was reading an article about flat-lay photography a few days ago and thinking that I need to try it.  As a nature photographer, I don't see a lot of uses for this style of photography, but I still think it's fun to try new things.  So, I grabbed a couple of multi-colored local farm eggs from the fridge, along with a whisk, set up the tripod directly over and played around.  I could (and probably should) have spent more time on this, but it won't be my last attempt.  Comments/suggestions welcome.

We had the quarterly care meeting at the home where MIL lives now.  Our first such meeting since she's been in this facility, and we had very little to bring to the meeting.  They have done such a wonderful job caring for her and making sure she's as safe as she can be...and they love her!  Her physical health is holding course and her mental decline seems to be only gradual - and at nearly 91 years old, I'm not sure how much more we could want.  We stopped in to see her after the meeting and she was in fine spirits.  She knew me straight off which hasn't always been the case in the past.  We left her with juice and the paper, happy and safe.

Tom and the girls were out on the patio again this morning.  No sign of the other two males so I think this one may have chased them off, keeping the three girls to himself.  Smart turkey.  Wild turkeys are the largest birds in our woods while ruby-throated hummingbirds are the smallest.  And yet they have one thing in common (other than being birds) - the male's only contribution to breeding is to fertilize as many females as possible and then take the rest of the season off.  

Enjoyed the Democratic Town Halls last night.  It is interesting to see the candidates in a more informal setting with time to answer questions and interact with people.  I think you can tell a lot about people in these kinds of settings.  Tonight's Debate will be our first look at Candidate Bloomberg on the debate stage - can't wait!


Fitness Notes:  2-mile warm up on elliptical (11 minutes) before hitting the weight room for a full workout.  Feeling strong.

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