Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


The rain was hammering down when I first got up, which was a pain, because I had decided to do some walking today, once Mr. HCB and our son, Martyn, had left for their football match in London.  

I prepared a meal to go in the slow cooker, because Martyn is going to eat with us this evening and then sat down with a cup of coffee to wait for the rain to stop.  Within about half an hour, the sun was shining and true to my word, I didn’t do any housework but went instead to the Designer Outlet, where I bought two pairs of trousers in Size 12 and a pretty top - in Size 10 - so I shall be wearing the label on the outside, which in itself is very silly, but when you have been wearing Size 20………..that’s what you do!

I did saunter around and found quite a few “silly” things, but was still on the look out as I walked towards John Lewis where I had to return something, then I casually wandered around downstairs to see if I could see anything there.  

I was in the middle of doing some of my usual rearranging when horror of horrors, a young man, one of the partners at John Lewis, came up to me and said “I see you’re taking one of your photographs!”  I can honestly say that in all the rearrangements I have made, no-one has spoken to me about it before - and even today, a young lady just walked past and didn’t say a word!

The young man was Joe, who had served me about three weeks ago, so I had to own up because I had obviously told him about my Blips then.  I remembered that he had told me he was going to Brazil as part of his gap year, so I asked him if he had been and he said he had just come back - and had had a wonderful time.

We chatted for a while about his adventures then he admired my rearrangement - I had put a green rabbit in amongst three brown ones, so I asked if he would just pop in behind them - and he did - what a star and such a lovely young man!  I gave him one of my cards so that he could have a look to see what I had written.  He reminded me that I had given him a little heart when I last saw him with the word “Joy`’ written on it and that had gone to Brazil with him too. I suggested be bought some from The Range and takes them the next time he goes and he seemed quite keen on that idea.

In other news, I treated myself to a new iPhone 11 yesterday and very kindly gave Mr. HCB my iPhone 7 Plus, so he has now been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the age of technology - having had a dinosaur of a mobile phone for many years.  I’ve set him up on Whatsapp and he even sent me his first “selfie” - see extras - there was a lot of sky - but he’s only learning and at least he tried.  The changeover didn’t go as well as I had expected or wanted, but we got there in the end and perhaps, with a bit of practice, Mr. HCB might even join Blip himself!

“I am still learning.”
Michelangelo - aged 87 and Mr. HCB aged ??

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