A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Dry run!

After a busy morning at church with a Baptism party to provide refreshments for as well as the normal congregation, we finally got on the road to Bristol. Blue skies and sunshine all the way. Heading SW the sun is in your eyes all the way so that was my excuse for falling asleep! (Though four panto performances could have something to do with it.)
This interesting sky was taken on the M5 as the sun went down at 5.00 pm about half an hour out of Bristol. Felt I should record this as it has been dry all the way!
When we arrived Eda was watching Peter Rabbit and Granny had to hop around the living room with her. Then it was ‘Come with me Granny’ here and there until she wanted Boppa to help her build the train set. Eda was intent on being a tunnel!
This was interrupted by a lovely chicken dinner made by John as Grace has been out at a rehearsal for Copacobana. He had also been making and decorating gluten free biscuits with Eda as well as taking her swimming,
Bath and bedtime - Granny read three books with a new one to her, The Tiger in the Garden, which was great fun.
We have her to ourselves all day tomorrow so better get some more rest!

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