Norwich is full of roadworks at the moment and as I walked along Market Road towards Bank Plain this is what the traffic had to contend with.

I did chuckle a bit at the sign on the far right - was it a warning directed at the large Plane tree towering above it, do you think?

It was a quick walk at lunch with a poundland bargain shop incorporated. Like yesterday I dont seem to have been at my desk a great deal in the afternoon. A meeting with a member 2 till 3 then a newsletter meeting with one other colleague 3 till 4. Consequently I worked until nearly 5 as I hadn't got through much. I'm on the bus now though, so will be home by 6, although it will be dark by then.

An evening by myself, as all 3 men in my life are out 'climbing' tonight. Dan goes to a club in Norwich and Jon and Henry are out with the Explorer Scouts. I'm not sure where, although he did tell me.

Happy Birthday to my niece Iona who is sweet 16 today. Also to my Aunty Rhonda and to my father in law John - neither are 16, but I'm sure both remember it well! So many birthdays on one day!

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