By Kipsie

Pizza for dinner tonight

and this was THE only shot of 25 that actually captured me "kneading" the dough by the 'flinging & stretching at the worktop' method, as it flew through the air. I've Googled the "method", but I could only find the traditional way. I first saw my way on The Great British Bake Off. It was a few years back, I think it may have been a young Scottish doctor, although I could be totally wrong. It works for me anyway. I'll share the toppings later ......

Back to last nights dinner .... it went like this

"I don't like that" .......
"What is it?" ...
"Why did you buy it?"....
"When was the last time you ate it?"

Kielbasa & potato tray bake got the thumbs up :- )
Sauerkraut with pancetta & apple in white wine :- ((((((

A pane of glass had fallen out of the greenhouse & smashed overnight.
The poorly pigeon came out of the shed, had a mooch about, did'nt eat anything, flew up onto the garden wall & was gone.

Replaced the pane of glass with a sheet of plyboard, I measured, hubby cut, then fixed it in place with Gorilla glue ... hubby's go to.We needed to do it immediately to prevent the blackbird disturbing the onion sets that are coming along very nicely thank you.

Next the pile of ironing, followed by lunch. Time to sort shells. Blow me! The sun was shining directly at where I needed to sit and fiddle ... I managed to arrange one set of shells for framing, but mojo is still missing. ...............

& so to dinner. It was a toss up between roast duck, & pizza ... Pizza won ..  Can you put braised sauerkraut with pancetta on a pizza. Hell yes! Along with a tomato ,sweet pepper, onion & garlic sauce base, sliced mushrooms, thinly sliced kielbasa, salami, sweetcorn, topped with cheese. That was my version, obviously :- )))) Hubby's minus the sauerkraut but with a liberal addition of chilli paste. :- )))  I use a Lorraine Pascale pizza base recipe, & the above method of "kneading".

Bon apetit!

p.s If anyone would like the jar of sauerkraut which is still 3/4full, give me a shout, it's in my fridge.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday

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