By Wildwood

Silly Saturday. : : Just Ducky

The thing that makes this tricked out old car particularly silly is the rubber ducky color and the decal in the window. Somebody had a lot of fun restoring this old car...

Dana and Jim came by last night for a glass of wine. They leave this Thursday for two weeks in London and Barcelona. 
Jim was saying that his mother was telling them that because of the coronavirus  she didn't think they should go. Jim reminded her that the latest parson to test positive with no known contacts with infected persons is being held in isolation in Fairfield, an hour's drive away from here.
I told Jim that it had taken all my resolve NOT to call them and tell them the same thing.
Dana said, it's just the flu...
Trump says it's the Democrats' fault...
The CDC says it will be a pandemic, but also that there is little risk of getting the disease. Also that travelers are at increased risk. 
None of this is helpful. At least they're not going on a cruise ship. You couldn't pay me to go on one of those things anyway....

I spent an hour this morning  trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding shower today. The weather has cooled off quite a bit and nothing in my closet seemed appropriate. I finally decided to put something on and go. I wasn't happy with my choice, but the alternatives were no better. Why does this happen? When I arrived at the shower, the bride said  clothing crises seemed to be epidemic for she and her mother had both had a similar problem. The hostess joined the conversation saying that when she can't wear her favorite tee shirt with jeans or workout tights and her comfy old sneakers she has a clothing crisis too. 

Maybe it was the fact that it was leap year day today. 

Showers are not exactly my thing, but this one was nice. The food was delicious and everybody looked great (regardless of how they thought they looked).There were also mimosas and a chocolate caramel cake. I missed the memo that we were supposed to bring a favorite thing for a gift, but I think I did pretty well on that score anyway. 

And yes, there were games...

Tomorrow we are looking forward to more guests so comments are likely to be sparse for a couple of days.

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