Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

In my garden

In 1999, we moved into this house. The garden was very overgrown and needed a lot of sorting out. The hellebores were wonderful and they were seeding prolifically. We gave seedlings to Guy and Margret (next door).

We still have hellebores, but far fewer. Next door, they have proliferated and new colours keep appearing!

Here is one of mine from today. The wind has been high all day and quite unpleasant, so my "breath of fresh air" was just in the garden. The quince is flowering as are pulmonaria, bergenia, a few daffs, some left over snowdrops, viburnum and winter jasmine. It's a pleasure to wander around and see what there is to see.

I will be glad when this storm season has ended, although we have not been too badly affected.

I hear that hand sanitiser if being rationed at rumours will spread!

I've started to print some mono images from Prague. The printer always plays up when I have not used it for some time, but I think we are in business now.

Anyone else with advice about a high functioning, tripod head for travel is welcome to chip in to the discussion. I need to be able to put a 70 -200 mm lens on it with my Sony A9.

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