a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Mono Monday: Essential

Things seem to be getting a little more serious on the Coronavirus front here in the UK.  At work there is guidance posted everywhere highlighting the importance of washing one's hands as a means of reducing the potential spread of the virus.  

Perhaps not unrelated to the flurry of poster posting, it seems that the chap who flew from the UK to China at the weekend, and was found to have brought the virus with him on arrival, worked in Bristol.  In fact, he worked in the office just across the square from where I work.  Needless to say, his office block is empty today and is currently being deep cleaned. 

I shall be interested to see what the Government's Emergency Plan is, when it is published tomorrow.  The Cheltenham horse racing festival is next week.  Normally there are over a quarter of a million people in attendance over the four days.  The bookies were suggesting that it was odds on that the festival will be cancelled, but Boris Johnson's "business as usual" comment today seems to indicate that it might well be going ahead....

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