Frieda has been baking

I walked this morning from our base on Emser Str. in Neukölln to just north of the Görlizter Park, where I was meeting LO and AMH for lunch. I passed a lot of cool looking places where I wanted to stop - none more so than this one, with its evident cross cultural partnership. You can also see a mural in the distance which I photographed and considered blipping as the central subject.

It was a great walk, although my knees and feet are a bit sensitive these days, so not 100% enjoyable. I've gone back on the anti-inflammatories for the next few days.

This evening, we had dinner with DA, but we didn't go, as previously discussed, to the jazz club. It was lovely to sit and chat in the local, very friendly, Greek restaurant.

What a great stay this has been. Hopefully nothing will go wrong with our travel tomorrow.

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