Arnside and beyond

By gladders

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After Wifie's Qi Gong class in the morning, I went for a wade at Leighton Moss. The water level has fallen slightly, but it's still flooded all the way down the Causeway and then along to the Lower Hide.  The going is slow, and the visitors are few, which is the story of this little blue tit.

On my way back from Lower Hide (where there were not a lot of birds to see), I stopped at one of the memorial benches as one of the few safe places to change a camera lens without fear of an expensive disaster through dropping it in six inches of water. As I put on Big Len, I looked up from what I was doing to be met with about twenty pairs of eyes - blue tits, great tits, coal tits, robins and a marsh tit - all intently focussed on my every action. I had forgotten this bench has become a regular spot for leaving food for the birds.  But with so few people making it this far this last week, they have been missing out on the usual handouts. Hence their excitement when I stopped at the bench.  Alas, I had no food with me and the audience soon dispersed.

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