Wide Wednesday - Nature

I reckon this may qualify.....nature is incredible and amazing - thanks Bobsblips.

"Agave Americana at Timaru Botanic Gardens begins to bloom.....
There are still a few weeks left for Timaru residents and visitors to see a desert plant flower for the first, and only, time in 37 years.
Nestled among an assortment of other desert or semi-arid plants at the Timaru Botanic Gardens, an agave Americana shot to six metres tall towards the end of last year and began blooming within the past 10 days. The lower portion is in flower and it will slowly work up the stem, Timaru Botanic Gardens education and interpretive centre contractor Wayne McLay said. McLay was among those who planted it outside the facility's newly-built conservatory in 1983.
He said it could be "several weeks" before the plant begins dropping seeds, then dies.
Native to Mexico as well as New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas in the United States, the agave is part of an area in the Timaru gardens set aside for plants from around the world."

My blip is taken as wide as my Sony will go for the Wide Wednesday Challenge, I couldn't get right underneath it but almost.....the others using the zoom are in extra.


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