Basil (contra jour profile)

Over the past week Basil and Shirley, his owner, have been staying with us while Shirley has and recovers from her 2nd cataract operation.  They are away home to Barnstaple tomorrow so while Gill and Shirley were in Stratford, Basil and I went for a walk around Charlecote.  He was not in the mood for being photographed so this is be best I could manage.  I suspect this is due to my dodgy achilles reducing the length of the walks we have been on ... don't think Basil is impressed :-)  Dog-knowledgable blippers will know Basil is a Cockapoo and so very intelligent. He is great fun and no trouble,  I enjoy spending time with him but it would not be fair on a dog for Gill and I to own one and in any event, the local vet is doing fine without access to my pension fund :-)

In the extra, the water from the Dene flowing over the weir into the Avon, much lower than it was a week or so back. 

I had the scanned images from my film cameras back today so I have uploaded a few onto my film journal.  It has been far too long since I last updated it, so anything after July last year is from the two rolls sent off this week.  I processed and uploaded nine today,  I'll go through the others over the weekend and see which are ok for publishing. 

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