By Teasel

World Book Day

Another day, another morning when BB was not being co-operative, but he did get to school on time – a miracle. However I got to work to find a text from him to say he had forgotten something.  I had left it out for him specifically and my last words were don’t forget it.  Luckily he had time at lunchtime to run home, pick it up and then run back to school.

I had a morning of meetings, but did manage to find twenty minutes to escape the office somewhere over lunchtime.  Then another meeting in the afternoon – though shorter than I expected.  Before I left I had a very interesting conversation with a colleague, about ideas for changes around our Division.  Time will tell if anything comes to fruition.  There has been no consultation with staff, but maybe that will come.

BB had another concert tonight in North Berwick.  A bus was taking them, so we decided not to go again.  TT did have to go and pick him up when it was finished though.

No blips today, so as it is World Book Day (which still strikes fear into me after BB’s dressing up or rather not dressing up  traumas) – here is the book I am currently reading.


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