If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Miniature Daffodils.

The refurb at the Lodge is complete apart from the fitting of a mirror.  So now we start our annual deep clean and maintenance.  As a result this morning we were off to the Lodge at our usual time for a Saturday.  Considering the walls are pine it is amazing how much dust has been created.

We worked away until a "cuppa" was called for, while we were boiling the kettle "The Mate" arrived.  I am not sure if he heard it or smelled it but there must have been some form of early warning.  He is considering a refurb of his own so was interested to see what we had had done.

We worked on until mid afternoon before heading into town to look for a few odds and ends which we decided were needed.  Knowing we would have no other chance for blipping we both took emergency blips of the mini Daffodils beside the entrance to the Lodge.

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