Aaaargh - I did a blip about 2 hours ago and it has just disappeared!!!   Ah well I will have to re-do it and try and remember what I said.  Not a long one thankfully.

Went over to Morecambe today to see Mum.  It was great to catch up and see how she is doing.  She is amazing and doing really well, probably much better than me and she is 88!!

We stayed a few good hours.  It was such a lovely day weatherwise and so good to see so many people out and about in the sunshine.

We were going to go home via Morecambe Sea Front so I could take some photos but just outside Sainsbury's, not far from Mum's, we got held up by flashing blue lights aheads and some activity ahead.  So we did a three point turn and came back via the M6 instead.

Then I wondered what can I blip now, so it's a crocus from the garden which has perked up amazingly well in the warm sunshine.  It is also such a lovely rich purple colour, and it has come out purple - yeaahh1!

I have now cancelled our trip to Beamish.  G will now be staying with us until the end of April as there is no way we are trusting public transport in the current circumstances with his health conditions.

I will probably have to cancel QiGong (Tai Chi) tomorrow as I need to take him to the medical centre to get registered and book an INR blood test for him.  Shame 'cos I could really do with some calming down right now, but trying to be calm and we have to do what we have to do.

Please take out there everyone, take care and stay safe.  See you all tomorrow.

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