Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

River Wey towpath

Another bright and sunny morning meant that Xena had a dry walk in the woods this morning, which was very pleasant. I then went to get some groceries and the empty shelves in the supermarket look as if we are in a post apocalyptic world - not quite, but it is absolutely ridiculous. I was able to buy ibuprofen (as I have some backache at the moment) but no tinned tomatoes, lentils, liquid hand soap, tissues and many other things on my list. 

Gavin is due to go see his mother in SA next week, but this morning he cancelled the trip as the care home she lives in has implemented very strict measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and he will not be allowed to visit her. The virus seems to be under control in China and Korea now which is very good news. However the UK cases are escalating daily.

After lunch I had to go to Godalming to the solicitor to sign some documents so I took Xena with me and after my short meeting there I took her for a walk along the towpath that runs along the River Wey (which is a tributary of the River Thames). Here she is in pointer mode as there were many ducks on the river that were of interest to her! I knew they were safe as she does not go in water, but next thing she leapt in but I think the cold water was a bit of a shock to her and she scrambled out again quite quickly.

Tonight is book club - this month we read My Sister the Serial Killer which was very good, better than the title suggests. I am now currently reading Daisy Jones and The Six which is about a rock band in LA during the 70's and it is not a topic that I would have thought would appeal to me but it is an excellent read and gives a very realistic story of that life of sex and drugs and rock 'n roll, with some very complex and interesting characters. It is written in the style of an oral history which is unusual but it works well. It is also currently being filmed as a TV series by Reece Witherspoon. 

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