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Our Street

Our street is like a river . . . literally!
I do drive on the 'other street' that we live on, but truth be told, my husband Steve only uses his car on the road occasionally since we moved here two months ago. He mainly drives on the river instead, paddling a perfect wee lassie canoe my dad made for him in 2006 or by using our hand built lawn motor engine powered boat named Chelsea as his mode of transportation.

You are looking at part of Chelsea's bow in this photo as we are cruising towards our dock after a lovely drive on the river. If you view this photo larger and look closely, you should be able to see the white rectangle of the floating dock that Steven made. They tease him at Lucas Boatworks that it's his first boat he made! I have gone for a ride on this floating dock, it felt like a barge! It was also the most fun I'd had in a while with him, me and our 2 dogs riding on it : ) Steven cleverly attached an electric motor to it so he could easily move it down the street from Lucas Boatworks where he made it, to our home across the river.

phew! That is enough info for now  : ) I'm behind in uploading my journal photos and just starting to catch up. Sometimes this happens to me, especially when I take a lot of photos. It takes time to process them and choose one for the day. But I will be back, I still need to catch up on monday, tuesday & today!

I am adding this to the One Street project.
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Facing it - always facing it - that's the way to get through. Face it!
  ~ Joseph Conrad

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