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By walkingMarj

On a roll

Once the printer swung back into action yesterday, I knew that I wanted to print as much of my current project as I could today. It is always slow to warm up to do the work required. It puts paper through without printing on it. It huffs and puffs. Then it works like a dream.

I love printing in mono. The haphazard selection above are some of the prints I'll be taking to the RPS Documentary group next week and to the Tynedale Photo Group the week after. That is, or course, if we are not in lock down by then. 

I was undecided as to whether I would blip these, but if anyone sees them, they are so much better "in the flesh" that it doesn't matter.

It is Wednesday today but the forecast was dire so I stayed at home. The folk who walked were very wet by the end. Out on the coast, my friend Maxine was drying washing on a line and gardening in the sunshine!

We caught up on the quizzes tonight. There are some strong teams left in Uni Challenge so the last rounds should be good.

Mum has had more nose bleeds, so we will be back to the ENT department soon.

PS I saw The LIghthouse last night. It is an amazing film, but not for the faint hearted. Two men are on a remote lighthouse to tend the lamp for four weeks. We see how their relationship develops and how they descend into very disturbed and disturbing behaviour. It does not end well! The cinema audience was almost silent when it finished. Liz and Nick and I went to the pub for a debrief. Essential.

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