Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Socializing in Canada

Today I read an article in  ( Coronavirus: why you Must Act Now......Can't seem to get the link but you could look it up.)  that convinced me that all this “social distancing” is indeed necessary ..with lots of graphs from lots of places in  the world, it showed that even one day of social distancing makes a difference in slowing the spread of this  virus.  Now I’m a believer…and intend to just keep our distance here at the island…a day at a time.  My cough is no worse,..we have lots of supplies, (incl TP!:-))   The governor has closed 3 counties worth of school altogether...I don't know what is taking the Seattle Art Museum so long to close.. even the Met did it.

Of course now our biggest worry is that idiot Trump will close the Canadian border.   We’ll be watching for that. 

I did finish that down to 4 pieces , none of which fit… so had to look around for ones to exchange.  grrr.. but found them…   Starting a new (Ravensburger) one ..99 beautiful places in the world.

Just felt like playing around with my photos from today’s walk,… I know…. makes no sense but I learned a few things (like how to make a vine with liquify)  and I have to stop.   The geese are not concerned.  

Do  hope you are all well!

Edit:   Got the email from SAM 1 hr after posting this  :-). Plus the library system

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