Swimming Away...

Today Brian and I went out to Hartsholme Park to look for something to Blip. It was rather dull and grey there, but there were a few little birds around, and some bigger ones like herons and geese too. I was very happy to see this Great Crested Grebe - they are my favourite bird. I did not get much chance to photograph it as it kept diving, and even when on the surface it was swimming quickly! I may have taken better shots today, but this is OK, and as I don't see them very often, it is my Blip!

After leaving the park, we went to look for some shelves to replace the ones that broke yesterday. We had lunch in Morrison's cafe too. I didn't want a big meal so I ordered a toasted cheese sandwich. It came with chips - some of which I gave to Brian - coleslaw and a big portion of salad! So I ended up with a big meal anyway! 

After trailing round several shops to no avail, we opted for an under-sink shelf unit and a cabinet instead of replacement wall-shelves!

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