By Veronica

Always look on the bright side

Well, we didn't stream a film last night because it was too late by the time we'd watched Pedro Sanchez's speech ordering everyone to stay at home for the next 15 days (at least). 

And when they say at home, they mean at home. This morning I took the rubbish out to the recycling bins at the bottom of our 61 steps. As I was returning along the almost deserted street (admittedly via a short detour) a Guardia Civil car drew up beside me. "You shouldn't be out on the street!" "I'm just taking the rubbish out and going home," I swiftly said. Officially you can go out to walk the dog, shop for food, or go to the pharmacy, doctor or, curiously, the hairdresser. Rubbish was not specifically mentioned.

It's been a day of soft drizzle, the first rain for weeks, which put the kibosh on the "sunbathe in the garden" plan. That said, I'm glad we've got the garden. It must be awful being cooped up in a flat with at best a small balcony, which is the reality for most city dwellers. Well, the ones that haven't escaped to their second homes.

It's very quiet out there. I guess many of the apartments around us are empty second homes, because there was just a faint, feeble scattering of applause during last night's "Go out on your balcony and applaud the health workers" event. You don't meet many people in the street in our barrio at the best of times, and now none at all. Except Shouty Man, the local drunk who wanders the streets shouting and doesn't seem to have been deterred by the prohibition.

Still. We are comfortable and supplied with enough food and other supplies for at least a week. And I've downloaded a new book to my Kindle and browsed Filmin for some lightweight comedies. Thank goodness for the Internet!

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